2022 World Cup Quarter-Final Review: Brazil Falls, Morocco Sets Record

2022 World Cup Quarter-Final Review: Brazil Falls, Morocco Sets Record

Again and again! The 2022 World Cup again presents exciting matches in the quarter-finals. Of the four matches played, all went well, even two of which had to be decided on penalties.

Of course World Cup this time was really unexpected. Lots of top teams failed from the start, such as Germany, Spain and most recently, Brazil. These countries do not fall against other major countries. However, they were overthrown by a country whose quality on paper was below that of a leading country.

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Penalty King!

The word above is really appropriate to describe National team Croatia. How not, five out of six matches world cup knockout phase Croatia's game went into extra time, and all four had to be decided on penalties.

Interestingly, from four rounds of penalties. Croatia managed to win all four matches. Isn't it appropriate to make Croatia the king of penalties?

This record equals Germany as the national team that has won four penalty shootouts. Croatia's record starts from the 2018 World Cup in the round of 16 when they beat Denmark on penalties, then in the quarter-finals beat Russia on penalties. Meanwhile, they got the other two at the 2022 World Cup against Japan and Brazil.

2022 World Cup Quarter-Final Review: Brazil Falls, Morocco Sets Record
Croatian players celebrate victory over Brazil in penalty shootout | Source: FIFA

Zlatko Dalic's team successfully beat Brazil on penalties after 90 minutes of normal time they managed to withstand the onslaught of Brazilian players. The attacks initiated by Neymar, Paqueta and Richarlison were all mental in the hands of Livakovic.

However, in extra time Neymar managed to find Livakovic's goal through quick movements and crosses 1-2 with Paqueta. Not long after, Croatia managed to equalize in the second half of extra time through Petkovic. In the end, the match went to a penalty shootout.

Of the four Croatian kickers, they managed to score the ball into Alisson's goal. Meanwhile, Brazil, two kickers managed to complete the task. However, one kicker at the start, namely Rodrygo, was successfully secured by Livakovic. Likewise with the last kicker, Marquinhos who hit the crossbar.

In addition to Croatia's record, which has equaled Germany's record with four wins in penalty shootouts. On the Brazilian side, Neymar managed to equal Brazil's all-time record for most goals, Pele with 77 goals.

Moaning Netherlands

Same as the result in the previous match, this time Dutch against Argentina must also be determined via penalty kicks. At normal times, the match was going well, the two teams traded attacks with each other.

The deadlock was finally broken when Messi provided a beautiful through ball which was then completed by Molina to find Noppert in the 35th minute. In the second half, Albiceleste Doubled the lead again through Messi's penalty in the 73rd minute.

With about 10 minutes remaining, The Orange In fact, he appeared superior, substitute Weghorst managed to reduce the position through a header that beat Martinez in the 83rd minute.

The drama continued when the match was about to enter the end. Precisely in the 90+10 minute, Weghorst scored again after the Netherlands got a free kick right in front of the Argentina penalty box.

Koopmeiners then used a neat scheme by not kicking straight, but he passed forward where Weghorst was already there. With a simple move, Weghorst finally equalized and forced Argentina into extra time.

2022 World Cup Quarter-Final Review: Brazil Falls, Morocco Sets Record
Weghorst scores equalizer against Argentina | Source: FIFA

In extra time there were no additional goals which then continued to the penalty shootout. 2 of the 5 Dutch kickers, namely van Dijk and Berghuijs, failed to complete their task. Meanwhile, in Argentina, only 1 out of 5 failed, namely Enzo.

Morocco Print History

Finally, for the first time in history, a country from Africa made it into the semifinals World Cup. Morocco, the dark horse team that was finally able to beat Portugal in the quarter-finals with a narrow score of 1-0.

The Atlas Lion returned to show his brilliant performance. After winning the group in the group phase, they also managed to beat Spain first in the round of 16 and then new Portugal who will be the next victim.

What deserves more credit is their goalkeeper, Bounou. He again became a solid stronghold of Morocco. So far, he has only picked up the ball from the goal until now. That, too, came from an own goal from his teammate.

2022 World Cup Quarter-Final Review: Brazil Falls, Morocco Sets Record
En-Nesyri scored against Portugal | Source: FIFA

They could score the only goal through El-Nesyri at the end of the first half. Meanwhile, Portugal bombarded Bounou's goal many times, still remaining strong until the end of the game.

Morocco followed in the footsteps of other African countries to advance to the quarter-finals such as Cameroon (1990), Senegal (2002) and Ghana (2010). But this time they even exceeded their achievements. That is the big four World Cup 2022 !.

Lost Curse

France came to Qatar with anxiety, because there was a bad trend for the reigning world cup champions before. However, this is an exception for France. The proof is that they were able to advance to the quarter-finals. In fact, now advanced to the semifinals.

The last match between England and France was interesting. The two teams traded attacks. The opening goal came from Tchouameni with his powerful right foot shot into the bottom left of the England goal. This goal was also his first goal in French national team.

2022 World Cup Quarter-Final Review: Brazil Falls, Morocco Sets Record
Tchouameni celebrates after scoring a goal against England | Source: FIFA

At the start of the second half England managed to equalize through Harry Kane's penalty kick. However, when the minutes entered the end of the second half, France actually added to their goals through their record holder for the most goals, Olivier Giroud.

Harry Kane actually has another chance to add to his goal. As a result of a violation in the penalty box. France for the second time penalized. It's a thousand pity, this time Kane failed to complete his duties as executioner.

As a result, with a score of 1-2 won by France. England once again had to bury his dream of bringing home the world cup trophy. In fact, jargon That “Football is coming home”. so far it has never materialized.


With these results, the results for the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup are complete. Now we just have to wait and see what the results will be in the semifinals tomorrow. Will be a dark horse team of sorts Morocco and Croatia can triumph again. Or is it the superior teams like Argentina and France that will eventually dominate the top of the party?


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