Fun Times Watching Football

Fun Times Watching Football

The 2022 World Cup has entered the round of 16, which means that this 4-year tournament is about to end, because there are only a few more left until tomorrow's final, December 18.

The euphoria of the world cup cannot be underestimated. Because this grand tournament can become a place for people, especially in Indonesia, to carry out various activities to celebrate this big tournament.

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Because World Cup it is only done once every 4 years, so of course everyone is very enthusiastic to welcome it. At least there are some things that people usually do during the World Cup.

The author himself began to follow World Cup the first was when il fenomeno triumphed with his unique hair at the 2002 World Cup. Even though he was only 5 years old at the time, the euphoria that existed at that time was still vivid in my memory.

At least there are some interesting things to discuss and talk about this euphoria.

Korea Japan 2002

This world cup is the first time the world cup has been held on the Asian continent and the first time FIFA has appointed two countries as co-hosts. There are many things that are still recorded in the writer's memory, one of which is the 3 unique mascots that always appear on screen, namely Ato, Kaz, and Nik.

Apart from that, the things that are still recorded in my head are, of course, Brazil who won and Ronaldo with his unique hair throughout the tournament. Investigate a calibaration it turns out that Ronaldo cut his hair in such a way as to give a sign that his son would recognize him when he saw him play.

Fun Times Watching Football
Source: 90min

Only those two are still recorded today, the rest knew the 2002 World Cup when they were growing up. For example, the controversial things that happened during the match between South Korea and Italy.

Germany 2006

On World Cup this time the author can feel more euphoria. Already getting to know staying up late and watching in front of the TV screen with relatives. Or when sleeping early in front of the TV to prepare energy to watch the match in the middle of the day.

The most preserved memoir is Zidane's head header into Materazzi's chest in the final which brought Italy against Germany. This made Zizou receive a direct red card. And in the end it was Italy who won in 2006.

Fun Times Watching Football
Source: Goal

From the start of the tournament to the end, I really like Italy because my favorite club is AC Milan who plays in the Italian Serie A. I even watched almost all the games at that time, as long as the game time wasn't too late and disturbed my rest time because I went to school in the morning.

South Africa 2010

Maybe for all of you, World Cup 2010 became the top order of the favorite world cup. Because the memoirs in 2010 were very well recorded. Of course, we all know how the songs Waka Waka and Wavin Flag reverberate on TV. It's really iconic.

The song Waka Waka sung by Shakira became a song World Cup the most successful in history with 15 million times downloaded by listeners around the world at that time.

Fun Times Watching Football
Source: YouTube

Other than that, 2010 World Cup also produced a unique celebration of how Tsabalala scored the first goal of the 2010 World Cup very well and even became one of the best goals in the opening of the world cup.

The mix of cultures in South Africa is also very interesting. How did they then introduce a trumpet called Vuvuzela that always reverberated inside and outside the stadium. Even though the sound of this trumpet can distract the players from concentrating, the sound that comes out really rings and has its own characteristics.

Apart from that, there is the Jabulani ball, which has become the scapegoat of many players. The players think that it is difficult to control the ball because it is too light and for the goalkeeper it is difficult to uniquely guess the direction of the ball's rotation.

The last one is a celebrity known for his predictions and guesses, Paul the Octopus. This animal, which comes from the city of Oberhausen, is able to predict several matches correctly.

Brazil 2014

If we talk about World Cup 2014, our memory will surely be carried over to the Brazil national team match which was slaughtered by Germany in front of their own people and country with a very tragic score, namely 1,7 for Germany's victory.

This world cup introduced a new technology named goal line technology in order to avoid more referee mistakes, especially during the England match against Germany where Lampard's long-range shot crossed the goal line but did not count goals at the 2010 World Cup.

Fun Times Watching Football
Source: DW

Besides that, there was the ridiculous action of Luis Suarez who bit the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. This made him fall under sanctions by FIFA. There is also a unique and captivating goal from Robin van Persie who did it diving headers very well against Manuel Neuer.

Russia 2018

Not much memory is recorded on World Cup 2018, maybe because it doesn't really follow or the euphoria is lacking. But the thing to remember is the use of new technology from FIFA, namely VAR (Video Assistant Referee).

Apart from that, there is also South Korea, which was designed by Shin Tae-yong, managed to defeat Germany 2-0. Uniquely, now Shin Tae-yong is the head coach of the Indonesian national team.

Fun Times Watching Football
Source: Goal

There is also Japan, which in the end was able to qualify for the group through a unique rule, namely fair play. At that time Japan and Senegal had the same points, the same goal difference and the same number of goals. It is then using fair play as a pass determination. At that time Japan only collected 4 yellow cards, while Senegal 6 yellow cards.

Finally, there is a legendary quote that has been reiterated, namely “Football is Coming Home” from supporters of the England national team. But in fact until now, “Football is Not Coming Home Yet”.


So, what do you think World Cup which one is the most interesting? For me, it's South Africa 2010. Do you agree?



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