Looking Back at the Danish Miracle

Looking Back at the Danish Miracle

This time, the 2022 World Cup has many interesting things discussed on the field and off the field. For example, there are many cases related to human rights in welcoming the World Cup this time in Qatar.

Another interesting thing, especially on the field, gave rise to many unexpected results, such as the defeats of Argentina and Germany against Saudi Arabia and Japan, which are countries that on paper they should have been able to beat in terms of team quality.

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However, in this world cup, there is a country that the miracle has been waiting for, namely Denmark. The 2020 European Cup semifinalists are one of the dark horse teams in the 2022 World Cup. Denmark before the start World Cup has also carried out a unique campaign in response to the 2022 World Cup.

Not Just an Ordinary Fabric

Hummel which is a sportswear producer for the Danish national team in releasing a jersey to wear inside 2022 World Cup in Qatar got a lot of comments. This is because they released a black Danish third jersey in "mourning colors" as a protest against human rights violations in Qatar.

Previously reported that has occurred human rights violations in Qatar in building facilities for the 2022 World Cup. Most of those who experienced violations were para imigran that builds Khalifa stadium.


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In his official release, Hummel said “While we fully support the Danish national team, this should not be confused with support for a tournament that has claimed thousands of lives. We want to make a statement about Qatar's human rights record and this country's treatment of migrant workers who have built World Cup stadiums in that country."

In addition to the "mourning" black jersey, Hummel also released a red and white jersey with dimming the apparel logo and the Danish national emblem as a form of protest.

The Møller Nielsen Fairytale

Apart from the jersey containing the protests, Denmark also has a legendary story. Even this story is told in the form of a film titled Sommeres '92 (Summer '92). This documentary has aired on Netflix and HBO Max.

Summer of '92 Movies
Source: HBO Max

This story began when the 1992 European Cup was held. At that time in qualifying, The Dynamite actually did not qualify for the European Cup finals. Because, they only finished second under Yugoslavia who won the group in the qualification.

Previously, Nielsen, the head coach, had many problems. From the start the duo Laudrup, Brian and Michael resigned from the team in November 1990. Then Nielsen also did not call star players like Jan Mølby and Jan Heintze due to disciplinary problems. Therefore, many people and the media led Nielsen to resign from his post.

However, the surprise came on May 31, 1992, exactly ten days before the 1992 European Cup. Yugoslavia, which was supposed to compete in the finals, was disqualified because there was a war raging there. Denmark, as runner-up in qualifying was eventually appointed to represent the group.

In the end, with minimal preparation, Nielsen needed players to be ready to play immediately. However, at that time it was also a competition break and several players were enjoying their holidays. Although in the end he was able to gather his best squad.

What was most surprising was Brian Laudrup, who finally wanted to return to playing for the national team after previously having a big ego and going against traditional coaches like Nielsen.

Denmark's journey in the group phase did not go smoothly, joined in group A with Sweden, France and Inggris certainly has little chance to advance to the next round. However, the magic came back. They were finally able to finish in second place under Sweden after holding England to a draw, losing to Sweden and in the last game they surprisingly won against France.

It was also before the match against France, their key player Kim Vilvort had an accident. Her 7-year-old daughter has leukemia and is in hospital. It kept him out against France. But afterwards he was told to play again by his wife and children as a trigger for his enthusiasm.

After qualifying for the group phase, Denmark met the Netherlands in the semifinals. They managed to hold a draw Dutch Star-studded 2-2 and forced them to go to the penalty shootout. In the penalty round, Schmeichel et al. won with a score of 5-4 and made them advance to the final round.

In the final, they faced Germany. Again they get a big guidance. Surprisingly again they beat Germany with a score of 2-0 and one of the goals was created by Kim Vilvort.

Kim Vilfort and Trophy
Source: UEFA

But unfortunately, Line Vilvort, Kim's son finally had to breathe his last after failing to fight against leukemia. Since then Kim has been active in social activities for people with leukemia.

The 1992 European Cup also gave birth to a new rule. In the past, a player could pass to the goalkeeper and catch him or backpass. This is what Schemichel et al. to buy more time when they play France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Then, after the tournament, FIFA finally issued a rule that a goalkeeper may not catch the ball given to him by his friend or backpass.

That is a fairy tale from Denmark how they won the European Cup for the first time in their history. This story will always be remembered by anyone. Maybe something like this will happen very rarely, but it's not impossible that it will happen again, right?

We also remember how a dark horse team like Greece managed to win the European Cup in 2004. It is not impossible that new 'tales' will appear from other contesting countries or we can even wait for a miracle fairy tale from The Dynamite.


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