Waiting for the Uruguayan Football Revival

Waiting for the Uruguayan Football Revival

Talking about the rise of a country in terms of football, of course we should take Uruguay into account in this regard. In the past, in the early 19th century, Uruguay was a country with football achievements that could not be underestimated. Of all the international titles they have collected, such as the Olympic gold medal twice, the Copa America 15 times and the World Cup twice.

However, their glory was only in the early 19th century. After that, they were just an ordinary country that didn't count on the world stage. Apart from being the first country to win the world cup, Uruguay has a strong identity with their football.

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However, their football identity is not a pretty game or a charming philosophy. Their identity is violent, violent and underhanded. For example, in the 1966 World Cup against West Germany when Hector Silva was sent off for a hard tackle and had to be escorted off the field by police.

Most recently, there is a famous actor named Luis Suarez who has performed several controversial scenes. First when he bit Giorgio Chiellini and saved a header with his ladder even though he is not a goalkeeper.

To hell with Moraitas

In the 2010 World Cup, there was one antihero who appeared in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup which brought Uruguay and Ghana together. That person is Luis Suarez. He sacrificed himself being called the most cheating and unsportsmanlike person for his country Uruguay went further in the world cup.

At that time he held Dominic Adiyiah's header with his hand in front of an empty goal when entering the final time of the match. Even though at that time I was sitting in a draw, if Suarez didn't hold him then Uruguay would certainly go home early.

Suarez Handball
Source: goal.com

But he could eventually become a hero for his country when the penalty was awarded handball it went wide of the target which was kicked by Asamoah Gyan. Thanks to that, the match continued to the penalty shootout. Unlucky for Ghana, they had to bury their dream of becoming the first country to advance to the semifinals of the World Cup after losing in that round.

Although in the end Uruguay had to lose to the Netherlands in the semifinals and lost again against Germany in the race for third place. However, being fourth place is an extraordinary achievement for them. Because, the last time they were in that position was in 1970.

History and Achievements

Just like several other countries, football in Uruguay is also influenced by England. It was around 1870s when the British introduced football to South America. Prior to Uruguay, they first introduced this sport to Argentina.

In 1882, football flourished in Uruguay. At that time, a school teacher William Leslie Poole founded the first football club called Albion FC. In addition, nine years after Albion was founded, another club called Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club (CURCC) appeared which is now Club Atletico Penarol.

Albion FC
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Until the 1920s, Uruguayan football was under British influence. But slowly but surely Uruguay began to give birth to its own identity. It was proven that in 1924 and 1928 they managed to win the Olympics. At that time they were already playing with short passes and sweet movements, while other European countries still used physical strength.

When it was on the rise, Uruguay was finally appointed to host the first edition of the World Cup in 1930. However, that year many countries in Europe boycotted this event. Because, the cost to get there is considered too expensive.

The light blue (Uruguay's nickname) in the first match of the world cup could beat Peru with a narrow score of 1-0. In the next round, they crushed Romania with a score of 4-0. In the semifinals, Uruguay is increasingly powerful. They bulldoze Yugoslavia with a score of 6-1.

In the final, they met with Argentina there. After winning 1-2, Argentina finally had to give up the title to the host after the scoreboard showed 4-2 for Uruguay's victory.

Uruguay 1930
Source: FIFA.com

In the next two editions of the world cup, Uruguay took revenge on European countries. They did a boycott not to follow the world cup at that time. Only in 1950, Uruguay finally took part in the event which was held in Brazil.

Despite coming with unfavored status, Uruguay silenced the other contestants by advancing to the final round and beating Brazil in the final while confirming itself to be a country with two world cup trophy collections.

Unfortunately, after that Uruguay achievements tend to decline. The peak was when there was a military junta in 1973. But after the military junta ended, Uruguay returned to the stage at the world cup again in 1986.

Since then Uruguay's achievements have slowly improved, although until now Uruguay's fangs in the international arena have not been seen again like when they became giants in the 1930s which is called the golden era of Uruguayan football.

Now it's just a matter of time The light blue showing his fangs again. Really looking forward to the revival of The light blue this on the international stage like the world cup this time.


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