Football from the small country of the Persian Gulf

Football from the small country of the Persian Gulf

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has completed several matches. As of the publication of this article, the host team Qatar has played twice and it's a shame they have to bury their dream of advancing even further in this ultimate stage.

Qatar must be the first team that is certain not to advance to the knockout stages after only being able to pack 0 points from the results of two consecutive defeats in the group phase. In their opening game they had to admit defeat to Ecuador, at which time Enner Valencia was the hero.

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Meanwhile, in the second match they had to lose again to Senegal with a score of 1-3. This makes it certain that Qatar cannot advance to the next round. There is a record broken by Qatar. But not a positive record, but a negative record.

Qatar became the first host nation to lose its inaugural World Cup match in history. Previously, the hosts would have been able to secure points, whether it was a draw or a win at the same time.

In addition, the stadium used to play, namely the Al Bayt Stadium, actually has a good record when Qatar plays there. Of the three matches, Qatar has always had good results with wins 5-0, 3-0 and 1-0 against the UAE, Iraq and Bahrain.

Instead of talking about Qatar's minor results as the host, it is better for us to get to know football from this small country in the Persian Gulf and how Qatar prepared for this magnificent event.

Expatriates and Football

Qatar knew football in 1948. At that time, expatriates from England and India were working in oil fields in the Dukhan and Doha areas. Initially, only Indian workers and a few British engineers were playing. It is these engineers who teach Indian workers about football.

Previously, local Qatari people only knew a few traditional sports such as camel racing. After that, local people became interested in football after several local people were employed there. From those who initially liked watching until they played together.

Just like when we were little, football in Qatar is held very simply. They play on sandy fields and sacks as a goal. With the development of football among the people, local clubs began to emerge, one of which was the Al-Najah Sport Club which is now Al-Ahli SC which was born in 1950.

Football from the small country of the Persian Gulf
Source: TEMPO

After that, tournaments and amateur leagues were also born at that time which were founded by companies. In 1960, as a result of growing football, the highest football body was born which was called the Qatar Football Association.

Meanwhile, in 1963, for the first time the Qatar League officially rolled. The match was only held at the Doha Stadium. Because that's the only stadium that has grass. A few years later, in 1969, Qatar began to focus on developing international football by building their national team.

Maybe if the expatriates at that time did not introduce football to local people, it is not impossible that Qatar would be too late to know about football. Maybe even an event World Cup 2022 will not be held in Qatar. However, thanks to these expatriates, Qatar was able to organize World Cup packaged in such an attractive way.

Unique World Cup

In organizing Qatar as the host World Cup attract the attention of the global community. How not, many new rules and considered strange by other countries. This is a firm stance from the Government of Qatar in organizing World Cup.

The first interesting thing is the organization World Cup this time for the first time in the title in the mid-season league competition, especially Europe. Which is usually held in June to July, this time it was held in November to December.

This is related to the air temperature in Qatar. In the middle of the year, Qatar's air temperature is high. This is what made FIFA finally postpone the schedule to the end of the year so that the temperature there is not too hot.

In addition, because Qatar as the host is a country with a majority Muslim population, it applies several rules. One of them is the prohibition of alcohol to enter the stadium. In addition, the price of these drinks there is also relatively expensive.

The next thing is the introduction of Islamic culture in Qatar to its visitors. They spread da'wah in various ways. For example, in the corners of the stadium there are many hadiths of Rasulullah SAW. Besides that, in the hotel room there is a QR Code that directs them to an introduction to Islamic teachings and their simplicity.

Football from the small country of the Persian Gulf
Source: Bloomberg

For the first time in history, every stadium has prepared a place for prayer and a magnificent ablution. In addition, at the time of the call to prayer, there will be a muezzin with a melodious voice proclaiming the call to prayer.

For matters of the stadium also attracted attention. The reason is, the stadium they are using will be demolished again because the stadium is only used once. The results of this demolition will later be donated to several countries that are building sports facilities.

Apart from that, several public facilities will also be built at the stadium, such as hospitals, schools, sports venues, parks and several other facilities to support the community around the stadium.

Those are some of the interesting things there are World Cup 2022 is in Qatar. Even though they failed to qualify for the next phase, at least they have welcomed the other contestants well as well as spreading Islamic law throughout the world.


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