Football's Coming Home Is Dead!

Football's Coming Home Is Dead!

We are no strangers to sentences “Football is Coming Home”. This sentence began to be widely discussed by netizens during the 2018 World Cup. In the realm of martial arts, this sentence became trending topic at that time. England supporters boastfully chanted sentences “Football is Coming Home”.

However, the prayer behind the sentence “Football is Coming Home” it has not been granted. At that time, England made it into the semifinals World Cup 2018 in Russia. Even though in the end they had to lose to Croatia with a narrow score of 1-2.

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At that time, England also had the chance to win third place in the tournament. But unlucky, bad luck came back to them. Belgium against them with spartans can topple England with a score of 2-0.

So, what exactly do the English fans mean behind the sentence“Football is Coming Home”?

The Homeland of Football

Almost all football fans, especially England, think that England is the birthplace of this most popular sport. They believe that football first appeared in England. However, this is still debatable. Several other countries can also claim this.

However, there is one thing that may not be debatable. Namely England as the birthplace of the first rules that exist in football, Laws of the Game.

At that time around the 19th century, football had become a popular sport among schools and universities in England. They even have amateur leagues that they compete in. Several clubs started to appear like Sheffield, Notts County or something else.

At that time they gathered to discuss the rules in football. They don't want football to be a free sport without rules. Because, there was often violence or other acts of cheating that occurred in football at that time.

Then in 1886, there were 4 countries that gathered to create a football body called the International Football Association Board (IFAB). The four countries are England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

This IFAB was established earlier than FIFA which was only established in 1904. Now, IFAB is the body responsible for football regulations implemented by FIFA. That's what makes English football fans think that football comes from the land of their birth.

If you want to know more about English football, you can watch The English Game on Netflix.

Football's Coming Home Is Dead!
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Meanwhile in context World Cup, the sentence "Football is Coming Home" refers to the world cup trophy they want. Because, it has been a long time since England supporters have brought home the trophy.

The last and the only world cup they managed to bring happened in 1966. At that time England, the host, managed to put West Germany into extra time with a score of 4-2.

The match which took place at Wembley Stadium was a silent witness to England lifting this prestigious trophy. In front of 96,924 spectators at that time, Geoff Hurst became their hero by scoring three goals, while Martin Peters scored the other.

After that, the British public had never seen their proud country lift the trophy again.

A Song Lyrics

In 1996, the British band, The Lightning Seeds, who collaborated with David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, sang an iconic song called “The Three Lions”. The creation of the song to welcome the European Cup which was held in England.

Unlike other songs created to encourage the country, again this is actually a virtue. Tells about the disappointment of English fans against their football team.

The song tells the story of England, which always fails and even suffers in all the international level tournaments they participate in after winning World Cup 1966. Apart from disappointment, the song also tells about the loyal English fans waiting patiently for their proud team to lift the cup.

They never stop dreaming, fully support, come to the stadium just to cheer for their proud team to win. They have felt disappointment and even anger for 30 years (1966-1996). Even now it has been 56 years.

Of course, the song is popular all over the world. Sentence “Football is Coming Home” which appears in the opening of this song has become familiar to football fans around the world.


Now, time has gone too far. Britain's 30-year wait has grown to 56 years. On the title World Cup 2022 is certainly a momentum for Gareth Southgate's team to win it. Because England fans have been patient for a long time with their glory.

After failing in the top party of the last European Cup 2020. Being a fixed price for Kane et al. to go even further by winning World Cup 2022. Certainly, the addition of a gold star on the sacred cloth they use will be very valuable for English football.



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