World Cup Opening Preview

World Cup Opening Preview

Finally the moment many football fans have been waiting for has arrived. Tonight, at 23.00 WIB to be exact, the opening party for the 2022 World Cup will be held. The first match was opened by the hosts, Qatar against Ecuador who are members of group A.

When talking about the opening party World CupI'm sure many of you remember the 2010 World Cup when South Africa drew against Mexico with a score of 1-1.

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What became phenomenal at that time was the first goal scored in the 2010 World Cup. The scorer from South Africa was named Siphiwe Tshabalala. In the first half, the match tended to be quiet, even the score was still a draw.

Entering the second half, in the 55th minute to be exact, all the spectators who packed the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg cheered with joy. That was the first goal from the home year, through a through bait and then finished with a strong kick from Tshabalala directly into the Mexican goal.

Suddenly the whole stadium sounded the Vuvuzela, their signature trumpet. Tshabalala celebrated with his team-mates on the sidelines with legendary dance moves.

Commentator Peter Durry on the game said “It was just a beautiful day for sport and for humanity, doing something for the world that day that politics could never do. In that stadium in Johannesburg, the world is united and racially equated.”. He said as quoted by SportBible on the 10-year memory of the goal.

Meanwhile, in the opening party of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, there was nothing special or special. At that time, the host team Brazil managed to beat Croatia with a convincing score, 3-1 at the Arena Corinthians. Two of these goals were scored by Neymar, Oscar and Croatia's goal back came from Marcelo's own goal.

If World Cup 2010 only scored two goals in the opening party, while the 2014 World Cup only had four goals, a different story from the 2018 World Cup. At that time, the host team Russia managed to beat Saudi Arabia with a very landslide score, 5-0.

The match which took place at the Luzhniki Stadium witnessed a landslide victory for Russia. Two goals were bought up by Denis Cheryshev, Iury Gazinsky, Artem Dzyuba and Aleksandr Golovin each.

That's the short story of the opening party World Cup last three editions. Of course, each edition of the world cup has its own story. Depending on the results that affect the story later.

For now, the most interesting story is Tshabalala's goal from South Africa which was one of the spectacular goals in the opening of the world cup.

The Qatari debutant

Qatar appears at the 2022 World Cup not only as a host, but as a debutant as well. Finally, there is South Africa who also became a debutant when they hosted the 2010 World Cup, 12 years ago.

Qatar's potential at the world cup this time is not only seen as a complementary team or host. They have a chance to become a dark horse team. Judging from the last few years, the progress of Qatari football has greatly increased.

Finally, they were able to become champions of the 2019 Asian Cup defeating Japan in the final. Playing as the host, Qatar succeeded in overthrowing Samurai Blue with a convincing score, 1-3.

World Cup Opening Preview

The Maroons, nicknamed Qatar, joined in Group A with Senegal, Ecuador and the Netherlands. On paper, Qatar is in the lowest order in terms of quality. But in this world cup, Qatar was greatly assisted by its 12th player. Because, it is not impossible that later every match will always be full of supporters from Qatar.

Apart from that, it is unique for Qatar because they summoned 26 players to fight in the biggest event in the world using all the players who play in their domestic league.

What Qatar might lack besides quality is pressure as a debutant country. In addition, they also lack experience and flying hours. Moreover, all the players they brought were from their domestic league. Surely the players are not used to the atmosphere of international matches like the World Cup.

La Tricolor The Black Horse

Ecuador qualified for the World Cup after placing fourth in the final standings of the CONMEBOL zone. They are under Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Ecuador is not like Qatar which is a debutant. They have played in two editions of the world cup, in the 2002 and 2006 World Cups to be precise. Meanwhile, in the last two editions they failed to qualify.

Ecuador has an experienced mix of players. There is Enner Valencia who is full of the bitter sweetness of football. However, he is not young anymore, he has already reached 33 years old. This means that Ecuador should not only depend on Enner. But more focus on Michael Estrada, a young player who is ready to take Enner's position.

World Cup Opening Preview

There is one more player who has stolen the attention, namely Moisés Caicedo. The Brighton Hove & Albion midfielder is only 21 years old. But already have a lot caps, counted having played for Ecuador 25 times with 2 goals.

This match against Qatar was an important moment to determine the further fate of Ecuador. Playing in front of tens of thousands of Qatari fans is not easy, but if they manage to win the match, then there is a big chance for them to advance to the knockout stages.


We should look forward to how this opening match will go, whether the hosts manage to secure full points or lose points. Besides that, who is the first player to score at the 2022 World Cup this time? Let's enjoy together.


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