Qatar and All Its Problems Ahead of the World Cup

Qatar and All Its Problems Ahead of the World Cup

Tomorrow, World Cup 2022 which will be held in Qatar will take place soon. All countries are confirmed to have brought their players to Qatar. However, there are some interesting things that need to be explored further. because football is not only about playing well, winning and winning. But football belongs to everyone. everyone has the right to talk about it, comment on it and even criticize it all at once.

Approaching kick-off  World Cup 2022, Qatar as the host has been blasphemed many times due to several things that have invited controversy and all kinds of problems since Qatar was decided to host the 2022 World Cup.

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In terms of workers, Amnesty International reported that there were at least eight findings of migrant workers working on building the Khalifa Stadium and the Aspire Zone being abused and exploited.

Many migrant workers hailing from India, Bangladesh and Nepal come to Qatar to find work. However, in Qatar there are job recruitment agencies that require prospective workers to pay US$500 to US$4.300 to them.

“My life here is like a prison. The manager said: 'If you want to stay in Qatar, shut up and keep working'”. said Deepak, a metal worker at Khalifa Stadium

That's just the beginning, when they get a job, they will be given less than adequate accommodation. They live in cramped, dirty and unsafe places. Even in bunk beds they contain eight to more people. In fact, worker welfare standards in Qatar allow four bedrooms for one room and prohibit the sharing of beds and the use of bunk beds.

Qatar and All Its Problems Ahead of the World Cup
Source: Amnesty International

After the workers started their work, there were problems in matters of salary. The recruiting agencies that used to collect fees, now they lie about contracts. For example, a worker from Nepal was offered a salary of US$300 a month. However, once they arrived in Qatar and started working, they only earned US$190. They cannot refuse, because if they do they will cancel their work visa and send them back.

Not finished with salary matters. His wages have been deducted, and his payments are also in arrears. It's less sad what else to try. Sometimes workers' wages are not paid for several months. Even though they need the money to make ends meet, to send to their families or other basic things.

"My family now homeless and my two small children were kicked out of school… Every day I was dizzy, I couldn't sleep at night. This is torture for me.” Said Prem, a metal worker at Khalifa Stadium from Nepal whose salary is often in arrears.

These migrant workers also cannot leave the stadium area or the residential camp area. Some employing agencies do not grant or renew their residence permits in Qatar, even though this must be done in accordance with the laws in force in Qatar. As a result, they will be fined and even jailed for not having the worker's identity card. So many workers are afraid to leave the stadium area or residential camps.

In addition, once workers arrive in Qatar, their passports will be confiscated by their employers. This means that workers cannot change jobs or leave Qatar. The rule is that when a worker wants to end their contract and return to their country of origin, they have to earn "exit permit" from their agency. But their applications are often ignored, even threatened to stay and work until their contracts are completed.

“I remember my first day in Qatar. The first thing [an agent] who worked for my company did was take my passport. I haven't even seen him since.” Said Shamim, a gardener in the Aspire Zone from Bangladesh

Qatar and All Its Problems Ahead of the World Cup
Source: Amnesty International

Threats always come to workers when workers complain or seek help. They will be intimidated and threatened. For example, when a worker complains and wants to go back to their country of origin because their salary is always late, they will be yelled at by their manager saying “keep working or you will never leave”.

Finally, the workers were also charged with forced labor. One of the recruitment agencies put their workers to forced labor. Workers who refuse will be threatened with salary cuts or handed over to the police to be deported without receiving a salary.

That's the condition that happened in Qatar in welcoming 2022 World Cup. On the other hand, the stadium in Qatar, which was built in such a nice way to pamper the players and the spectators, there are the cries, screams and sweat of migrant workers from neighboring countries who continue to shout about their rights and obligations as workers.

If you have this, football is not interesting anymore. Football belongs to all of us, football should make everyone happy, not just a few. Because, football has become French language for citizens of the world who are separated by ethnicity, culture, religion or ideology.


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