Argentina Strong Candidate for World Cup 2022

Argentina Strong Candidate for World Cup 2022

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is just days away. The countries that have been confirmed to have qualified to go to Qatar have also announced the list of players they have brought.

This year's World Cup is quite interesting, because for the first time it was held in mid season domestic leagues around the world, especially Europe. Since the announcement of Qatar's coronation as the host of this grand event in 2010, it was quickly decided to shift the normal schedule from June to July to November to December. Why is that, because in the middle of the year the air temperature in Qatar is too hot to hold the event, so it is moved at the end of the year.

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Judging from the several countries that are competing tomorrow, there are countries that are favored to get the addition of a gold star in the logo on the chest of their jersey. Who else if not Argentina.

Game Simulation

Argentina has recently become a hot line in several major media because they are very favored in World Cup This year. This is because one of the creators of the famous football game FIFA, namely EA Sports, has carried out a match simulation on World Cup This year. They have released this simulation on Twitter and their website on November 8 yesterday.

The simulation is played from their newest game, FIFA 2023. In this simulation, Argentina is the winner at the end. In the final, Argentina beat their nemesis, Brazil, with a narrow score of 1-0. Having previously beaten Denmark, the Netherlands and France in succession in the knockout stages.

Argentina Strong Candidate for World Cup 2022

(Source: EA Sports FIFA)

Apart from that, EA Sports also predicts the mega star Lionel Messi to be the top scorer with 8 goals from 7 matches. In addition, the Argentine captain was also awarded the Golden Ball or the best player throughout this tournament.

Argentina Strong Candidate for World Cup 2022

(Source: EA Sports FIFA)

EA Sports has always done simulations before World Cup take turns using their FIFA games. Uniquely, since the 2010 World Cup, EA Sports has always been right in their simulations. Recorded in 2010 with Spain, 2014 with Germany and finally 2018 with France.

However, there is one thing that makes this simulation from EA Sports lacking. Namely the list of squads for each country. For the previous World Cup, EA Sports has pocketed a fixed list of players brought by each country. Meanwhile, in this edition, EA Sports is still using the squad description to carry out the simulation.

Interesting right? Will EA Sports' prediction be correct with Argentina coming out as champion? We should look forward to it together.

The Inter Milan Factor

Apart from predictions from EA Sports, there are interesting variables that can make Argentina at least enter the top party of this year's World Cup. History records that from the 1982 world cup to the 2018 world cup, at least one Inter Milan and Bayern Munich player played in the World Cup final.

In the 2022-23 season, there are at least two Argentinian players playing for Inter Milan, namely Joaquin Correa and Lautaro Martinez. Both of them have been key players for Inter Milan since last season for Correa. Meanwhile, Lautaro has been a key player even longer since 2018.

Argentina Strong Candidate for World Cup 2022

(Source: Getty Images)

From the list of players brought in by the head coach of Argentina, Lioinel Scaloni, it is certain that the names Joaquin Correa and Lautaro Martinez are already in place. Two Inter Milan players who are on the rise. Unfortunately, none of the Bayern Munich players are Argentine nationals.

It is not impossible, the presence of the Inter Milan player in several previous World Cup periods could bring blessings for Argentina to advance to the top round of this tournament. The business of winning or not later in the top match, that's the final business. At least they have to get into the top party thanks to the Inter Milan players.

Even though it actually is compatibility and sheer luck, but there's no harm in hoping so, right?

Predictions and Guesses

This time the World Cup was held in Qatar, for the second time the World Cup was held on the Asian continent since the previous year in 2002 it was held in two Asian countries, namely South Korea and Japan. This is of course to attract the international football market to the Asian continent.

Have you watched or even remember how the 2002 World Cup went? Definitely remember Dong how the Brazil squad at that time was so powerful during the grand tournament.

Of course, the thing that is most remembered is Ronaldo Nazario's haircut at the world cup. Yap, he cut off all of his hair leaving only the front part. In addition, the 2002 World Cup also made Brazil the champion, and cemented it as the most successful country in the world cup.

Argentina Strong Candidate for World Cup 2022

(Source: 90min)

Uniquely, Brazil, the champion, came from the South American continent. It is not impossible that the champions of the 2022 World Cup will also come from the South American continent. This is because the 2002 and 2022 World Cups took place on the Asian continent.

If you look at the contestants from the South American continent in this world cup, there are at least two countries that have a chance, Brazil and Argentina. The only thing is that Uruguay can become a dark horse team.

Whatever is in this year's World Cup, both predictions and predictions, this will be delicious spices that are sure to be delicious for us to consume together. Because football is happiness. Everyone has the right to enjoy. Everyone has the right to watch. All are entitled to comment.



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