Get to know Nex Parabola, the Holder of the 2022 World Cup Broadcasting Rights!

Get to know Nex Parabola, the Holder of the 2022 World Cup Broadcasting Rights!

Did you know that the sole broadcasting right to air the grand event of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is Nex Parable? As we know, 2022 is the year that football fans have been waiting for. Because this year, to be precise in November, the biggest football match will be held, namely the World Cup or also known as the World Cup.

The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar. The opening match or the initial match to start the opening of this biggest match will start on November 20, 2022. And the final match or final will be held on December 18, 2022. This 2022 World Cup is attended by several countries with their flagship star players.

World Cup

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Maybe many already know what the World Cup is. However, for some people who rarely and do not understand the world of football, the World Cup is a football competition conducted between countries which is followed by each of the national teams from member countries of the International Football Federation. This World Cup match is held every 4 years and is usually attended by 32 teams who qualify in the finals.

The World Cup is one of the most watched sporting competitions worldwide. This match became a competition that was witnessed more than matches during the Olympics. It is said that there are about 715,1 million people around the world watching this match.

The first World Cup was held in 1930. This match was decided by the then FIFA president, Jules Rimet, to be able to hold an international football tournament. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay with only 13 teams invited by the organization. However, after the first match, FIFA underwent an expansion and overhauled their format. And until now the countries that can participate in the World Cup matches have reached 32 countries that have passed the qualification. This qualification process was followed by nearly 200 teams around the world.

As one of the big events that football lovers are definitely waiting for, the 2022 World Cup match is in the spotlight. Many people are already looking forward to this race. Every country must be very enthusiastic about waiting for the match to start. This World Cup match will be broadcast live by certain media media. Especially satellite TV platforms and others. One of the media that holds the sole broadcasting rights to broadcast matches during the 2022 World Cup is Nex Parabola.


Get to know Nex Parabola, the Holder of the 2022 World Cup Broadcasting Rights!
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What is a parabola? Parabola or parabolic antenna is an antenna that has a high range so that it can be used for communication using radio, television and others. This parabolic antenna uses a parabolic reflector with a curved surface with a parabolic cross section to capture radio waves.

This parabola has the main advantage of having a fairly high driectivity. Parabola function is almost the same as a spotlight to direct radio waves in a narrow beam and also receive radio waves from one direction only. This parabolic antenna is shaped like a dish.

Parabolic antennas can be used to transmit various data such as telephone signals, radio signals and television signals. In addition, this parabolic antenna can also be used to transmit various other data that can be transmitted via waves. Most people, especially the Indonesian people know the function of this satellite dish as a tool to receive satellite television broadcasts.

Antena parable appeared in the 1970s. HBO was the first television station to develop television programming for a cable company. At the beginning of its appearance, the parabolic antenna has a fairly large size. But along with the development of technology, the size of this dish is getting smaller and more practical. This new parabolic antenna also has a variety of television program streams.

The parabolic antenna used on satellite television will provide better picture quality. Satellite television is a television that is broadcast in much the same way as satellite communication. There are so many satellite television services in the world. This service augments the outdated local signal so as to provide a wider range and channel.

After the development of satellite television which is already available in satellite television makes many people feel very entertained. People can get important information from the shows on television. But over time, the satellite dish is growing. Many subscription television service providers are available. One of the subscription terrestrial television service providers is Nex Parabola.

Who is Nex Parabola? For more details, read this review to the end!

Next Parabola

Get to know Nex Parabola, the Holder of the 2022 World Cup Broadcasting Rights!
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Nex Parabola is a trademark that provides subscription satellite television services in Indonesia. Nexmedia is a trademark owned by Surya Citra Media. The initial name of Nex Parabola was Nexmedia which also had the same task. This company started operating and also offers its products since November 23, 2011. In its service, Nexmedia uses a different system from television in general. Because of this, there are a lot of shows available on Nexmedia such as CNN, Fox Movies and also beTV.

Since its launch in 2012, Nexmedia has been followed by 20.000 loyal customers. Nexmedia has 53 local channels that provide various features. However, in 2019, Nexmedia was dismissed because it could no longer pay the VHF frequency usage fees.

But not long after, precisely on September 16, 2019 appeared Nex Parable.Nex Parabola can be considered as the successor of Nexmedia. The system used by Nex Parabola is not much different from satellite television in general. Nex Parabola is capable of broadcasting various channels and also obtains the rights to a number of sports matches. That's why Nex Parabola can be accepted by the national community.

Nex Parabola holds various broadcasting rights for sporting events ranging from UEFA Club Competency, English Premier League to FIFA World Cup matches. The broadcasting rights for this World Cup match are the first time for Nex Parabola. Nex Parabola is the media that holds the rights to broadcast the World Cup in 2022 on satellite television platforms. This international football match will be broadcast live through several channels from Nex Parabola, starting from Champions TV, Vidio, SCTV, Indosiar, Moji and also Mentari TV.

As the sole owner of the rights to broadcast matches for the 2022 World Cup, Nex Parable has the right to reprimand and take legal steps if there are parties engaged in the same field and admit to broadcasting the Qatar 2022 World Cup match in any form.

For those of you who like football and want to follow the 2022 World Cup matches, you can subscribe to Nex Parabola. You can visit the official online store owned by Nex Parabola, through the Nex Parabola application, contact the contact person from Nex Parabola and also come to the nearest electronic store.

That was some information about the big international match, namely the 2022 Qatar World Cup. This match will be broadcast live by Nex Parable. You can immediately subscribe to Nex Parabola to be able to follow every match during the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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