Endless Gambling and Football Match

Illustration of Gambling Transactions in Football

Ayosport.com - Match-Fixing, Gambling, Mafia seems to be a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of the realm of sports. match setting (match fixing) is the result of massive and uncontrollable gambling.

Rapid development technology, now making the realm of gambling accessible through media and sites online and. Many scattered sites online and gambling for sports, among which the most popular are Bet365, Betaway, Sky Bet, SBO TOP, and many more.

In short, gambling is generally a matter between the bookie and the bettor (bettors). Especially football betting, bettors will bet on the team that will compete at that time. bettor bet for team A to win against team B. If team A wins, bettors will benefit from the city with a predetermined nominal. With the various formats offered by bookies, gambling is still gambling. bettor will make a profit if the bet is correct. If you lose, you're dead. It's that simple.

Advantages earned by bettors very diverse, depending on how the system that the city offers. More than that, the city gets a super duper advantage that is bigger than bettors.

According to the site Gambling Commission, from October 2015 to September 2016 the record profits made by football bookies reached 333.4 Million Pounds Sterling or approximately IDR 6,4 Trillion.

Because of the large profits obtained by gambling sites from the European continent, some sites are able to finance sponsorships for football clubs there. According to page Globaldata, in the 2020/2021 season, gambling sites or betting spent up to 497,82 million dollars or Rp. 9,5 trillion to sponsor European football clubs.

The English League is the highest league in Europe in terms of the amount of revenue from gambling sites with a gross of 143,84 million dollars. Second, Spain with an income of 70,49 million dollars, then Germany 57,35 million dollars, Sweden 43,80 million dollars, Turkey 32,05 million dollars, France 28,62 million dollars, Italy 13,05 million dollars, Russia 11,89, 10,80 million dollars, Portugal 10,62 million dollars, the Netherlands 9,93 million dollars and Belgium took the final position with a revenue of XNUMX million dollars.

The reason the English league tops the top earners from sponsorship of gambling sites is that it has great appeal and has the largest television audience for the realm of football.

However, recently it seems that the English league will lose the advantages of gambling sites that are always attached to the shirts of some of its clubs. The discourse is contained in the 2005 Gambling Act launched by the UK Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), December 2020.

Premier league clubs, such as Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, West Ham United, Brentford FC, Burnley FC, Crystal Palace, Leeds United, Newcastle United, Southampton and Watford, are in danger of breaking up with the sponsors attached to their shirts.

Before the sponsorship ban discourse betting, the British government is still relaxing sports betting sites as sponsors of football clubs. The note, as long as it does not interfere in the affairs of the field. If indeed the policy is implemented, England is one of the many countries that prohibit gambling sites from sponsoring football clubs.

Another in England, another in Spain which legalized gambling as a source of income for the country. According to the site focusdnThe Spanish Gaming Regulator report if online Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) earned revenues of 850,7 million Euros or Rp. 14 trillion. Judging from the sponsorship income data in European leagues, Spain ranks second after England with 70,49 million dollars.

In Indonesia, gambling is illegal. Let's be religious, let's call it haram. As stated in Article 303 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code (KUHP), gamblers can be subject to a maximum imprisonment of four years and a maximum fine of Rp. 10 million.

The world of gambling in Indonesia has actually been rife in the era of the 60s and 70s. Ali Sadikin as Governor of Jakarta at that time, may have to be willing to legalize gambling. Ali Sadikin told Tempo that gambling is a difficult thing to eradicate, so it is better to limit and regulate it. The fantastic income from gambling money is channeled to build various public infrastructures.

Long before that, the first President of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno, had also legalized gambling on the grounds that it was in the interest of the development of Indonesian sports. In 1950, the State Totalizer or “Judi Toto”, as it is affectionately known, legally legalized gambling.

15 years after that, Soekarno issued Presidential Decree No. 113 of 1965 to stop the rampant gambling at that time. In fact, at that time gambling was becoming an attraction for the majority of Indonesian people, and state income was rising. However, Soekarno reasoned that gambling could gradually damage the nation's morale.

Among the many games / games that become a place to bet profit, football cannot escape the glances of gamblers. At that time, the term gambling for sports was known as Sports and Dexterity Week (Porkas). Football is one of the most popular sports. Until now, when gambling was banned by the government, football has become a promising field for bettors.

Before the British discourse issued a policy to ban betting sponsors, Indonesia had first banned clubs from using sponsors betting or gambling. The highlight is Tira Persikabo Bogor. The club had appeared in the 1 Indonesian League 2020 (before the COVID-19 pandemic was stopped) sponsored by SBO TOP, an online gambling platform.

Polemic also occurred at that time because there were no definite regulations to regulate the sponsorship of Indonesian league clubs. In the end, the New Indonesian League (LIB) issued Decree number 103/LIB/II/2020, dated February 25, 2020, which contained a ban on playing for clubs that still cooperate with gambling or betting sites as sponsors.

Easy access to online gambling sites allows anyone to play, even in countries where gambling is prohibited. According to the Gambling Commission website, football is the sport with the most bets. Usually, how to play gambling sites for football is as simple as accessing the site via a smartphone. That means, it is impossible for a gambler to interfere in matters on the field.

Match-fixing is not only seen as dirty by players on the field. Even on the gambling table, match fixing considered dirty behavior. Naturally, match fixing started from gambling that put up with a high price. This is proven if gamblers dare to pay players, referees, and club administrators with large amounts.

In Pandit's writing, which discusses how the mafia runs match fixing described as a gambler's dirty act in defrauding the bookie. In other words, in this context the city becomes the victim.

The problem with all of this, of course, stems from gambling. Managed or not managed, legal or illegal, gambling in a dirty way is unavoidable and inevitably there are several parties who are also dragged into it.

There are times when we as football fans The screen watching the match was accompanied by coffee sachets and cigarettes on the fingers to remember the lyrics of “Judi”, the song of the king of dangdut Rhoma Irama.

Gambling, Promising victory. Gambling, Promises wealth. It's a lie, even if you win, that's the beginning of defeat. Lie, even if you're rich That's the beginning of poverty.

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