What is the History of Football? Here's the Complete Answer and More Information!

football history
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Do you know how football history? The game that is popular among men and the most popular is also for everyone to see the match.

Check out the following discussion to find out how the history of football and of course with all the information related to football.

Football Is

football history
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To discuss about football history, we better understand first what the meaning of the term football. Football itself according to the KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary) means a team game on the field, using soccer balls from two opposing groups consisting of eleven players each, lasting 2 x 45 minutes, the victory is determined by the difference in goals that go into the goal opponent.

If in Indonesia it is called football, what is it called in other countries? In the United States it is called soccer. In international language or English it is called football.

Football is a sport in which the ball is made of leather or rubber. The only one who may touch the ball with his hands or arms is the goalkeeper or commonly called the goalkeeper. The other player is only allowed to use his whole body other than the hands, usually with the feet for kicking, chest for control, head for heading.

Understanding Football According to Experts

football history
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If that was the meaning of the Big Indonesian Dictionary, here are some definitions of football from some experts, namely:

Football is a game that uses a soccer ball and is played by eleven players in one team and is played on a grass or turf field with a field length of 90-120 meters and a width of 45-90 meters.

  • According to Komaruddin

Football is a physical activity in which it has a lot of movement and can be seen from the general movement taxonomy. In addition, he also revealed that the movement in soccer has basic movements that can create complete movement patterns, ranging from manipulation, locomotor, and non-locomotor movement patterns.

  • According to Muhajir

Football is a game that is played by kicking the ball, which has the aim of getting the ball into the opponent's goal and also defending so that the goal does not concede.

  • According to Luxbacher

Football is a game that is competed between two teams, where each team consists of eleven people and is carried out by guarding their own goal and breaking into the opponent's goal.

Football History

football history
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If reported from Football History, the history of football begins with an activity carried out in China in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC with the original name Cuju. The activity is a round ball game on a square ground.

There is another story from the history of football in the world. Namely stems from the British state that occurred during the 12th century. Where at that time the same game was played with how to play football today. Then as time went on, football teams emerged.

Historians in England say that there was a professional football club that had been formed in the country of England in 1862 which had the English name Notts County Club. Then in 1863 the English Football Association was formed.

Since its formation, the first international tournament was held, which was participated by 4 countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Although this football became popular in England, the game began to spread to neighboring countries over time. The first game to be played outside England was in Argentina in 1867.

In 1904 FIFA (Federation International Football Association) was formed which is a world football institution, at which time its formation was inaugurated by 7 countries such as France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, and Sweden. Why no English? Britain joined after some time the institution was formed. Likewise with other countries.

Because after that the game of football became increasingly popular, so it began to be included in official sports in international matches such as the Olympics, world cup, and so on.

Football Comes from the Country

football history
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If it has been mentioned in the history of football that initially this game originated in China and there was also from England, there are other sources that say that this football has also existed in other world countries such as the following:

  • China

In the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC ago with the original name Cuju. The activity is a round ball game on a square ground.

  • Jepang

In Japan at that time it was called 'kamari', where the game also used a ball made of deer skin which was shaped round.

  • Inggris

In 1369 King Edward III again allowed his people to play football after previously being banned for causing some evil actions. But the year 1572 was again banned by Queen Elizabeth I. If anyone violated it was threatened with imprisonment. In 1680 King Charles II lifted the ban from Queen Elizabeth I.

Football Inventor

football history
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In addition to some of the history of football above, it turns out that there are those who claim that soccer has actually emerged since the time of ancient Egypt, Ancient Maya, Ancient China and Rome.

In ancient Egypt, the ball was made of linen as well as intestines or animal skin, the game was played to give thanks for the gift of a bountiful harvest.

In ancient Mayan times, this game was referred to as the sport of death. Because the loser will be made a sacrifice to the gods, so that his people are given blessings. The ball used today is a ball made of rubber with a diameter of approximately 20 inches.

In ancient China, in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC, this activity was called Cuju. The activity is a round ball game on a square ground.

In Roman times this game was played by 27 people in one team. So that in one game contains 54 people.

Number of Football Players

football history

If in football history In Roman times, the total number of soccer players was 54 people with 27 teams each, in today's soccer game each team contains 11 players who compete on the field. Usually for a match a player placement formation will be made.

The most commonly used formation is the 4-4-2 formation, 4 defenders or defenders, 4 midfielders and also 2 attackers.

Number of Football Players in One Team Is

football history

That was the number of football players who competed on the field. But if we often watch football matches, we will see some uniformed people also sitting on the edge of the field.

These people are called reserve players, where the number of them is approximately 12 people. They are tasked with replacing field players, where the replacement is given provisions with a maximum of 3 people.

Soccer player

football history

It has been mentioned earlier that in a team of 11 field players, several names of football players in the field and their duties are:

-Goalkeeper: Serves as a goalkeeper who may catch the ball so that it does not enter the goal with his hands or other body parts.


  • Central defender: Protecting the goal area
  • Fullback: Protects the side of the field
  • Full-back: Wide on the right and left of the field.
  • Sweeper: Sweeps any ball that passes past a defender.


  • Defensive Midfielder: Keeps the ball outside his team's zone, intercepts the other team's passes, keeps the ball away from the opposing team, assists the attacking line by keeping the ball in the other team's zone, managing rebounds (take the ball that comes from a missed shot), and passes the ball forward.
  • Central Midfielder: Distributes the ball to other players in his team.
  • Attacking Midfielder: Attacks the ball when the other team is in possession of the ball.
  • Left or Right Midfielder: Finds a way to pass the ball forward through cross tactics with other players on his team.


  • Center Striker: Scoring goals
  • Striker: Scores a goal.
  • Second Attacker: Protects the ball from the other team until another player on his team is ready to attack.

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